JonesCAM prides itself in providing quality customer service to our customers. Below are just some of the many testimonials that customers (now friends) have provided us with their experience working with JonesCAM. If you would like to share your experience with us by providing a testimonial then please head to our contact page and tell us how JonesCAM was able to help you.

Have to tell you guys not only have a great product, but excellent customer service. I use my Jonescam while out hunting. Either on my bow, or my rifles it is always up to the out of the way places I hunt. Goes from a humid muddy swamp, to dry arid dessert with no hassles. Have also used Jonescam while deployed overseas. Have to tell you Mike was more than helpfull in getting me my new camera while abroad and had no problems in fixing equipment that was damaged during training. I thank you again for all your help. Look foward to getting alot of hunting clips from me and my friends. – Keith


“I have been using the JonesCAM products for over four years now, and have seen the product progress at a phenomenal rate. I now use the JonesCAM HD Advantage for all my outdoor activities from hunting and fishing to motorcycle riding and now winter activities. Let me tell you, this is the real thing, it not only put up with my personal abuse, but it stood up to every test, through all kinds of weather, and might I say, I am not kind to my equipment. If it isn’t rugged and easy to use, I don’t use it. The JonesCAM that I use for my hunts is a real work horse, it never fails me at all and best of all, the video quality is outstanding, It’s light, clips to my hat’s visor and helmets and with a touch of a button, your recording and forget about it. The HD video is crystal clear and really detailed, and when played on our big flat screen TV, wow…. This past hunting season was the best, I had lost a deer I knew I shot, looked everywhere but could not find him, the buck of my lifetime. If it wasn’t for the JonesCAM and being able review the video that night and to clearly see the direction the huge buck ran, I thought I would never find him. Thank god I had the JonesCAM because the next morning I found my 8 point buck. He wasn’t that far from where he was shot, piled up in the thick. I highly recommend the JonesCAM to anyone who like’s simplicity and quality at a great price. Those of you who think they have a hot set up, you have no clue. Once you try it you’ll never regret it.”


“MOR/ryde International is manufacturer of suspension products for the RV industry, Transit buses, Pickup trucks, School buses, and Ambulances. One of the unique features of our suspensions is the amount of vertical travel our suspensions give our customers but have never had the opportunity to show them what they are really getting. Once we installed the JonesCAM, we were amazed by the clarity and detail we saw, especially in lower light situations. It really showed our customers and us the difference between our suspensions and our competitions’. The JonesCAM even withstood the Bosch Automotive Proving Ground (New Carlisle, IN) durability track where we test our suspensions at a 50:1 test to real life ratio. Thanks for your help, JonesCAM!”

Ben Yoder
Mechanical Engineer
MOR/ryde International

Dear Jonescam,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in enhancing our motor sports television shows. We at Clear Channel Entertainment – Motor Sports have been producing sports programming for many years, and never have we come across a more reliable, cost-effective onboard/helmet camera system. Your JonesCAM 480EX camera system has worked flawlessly in everything from Drag Racing Funny Cars at 220 mph to 10,000 pound Monster Trucks jumping 40 feet in the air. We’ve mounted them on roll cages, frame rails, steering wheels, shock mounts and never have we seen even a split second glitch in the video. It still amazes me the quality and reliability you guys offer at such a reasonable price, and your customer service has always been top-notch. Keep up the good work, and we look forward to a growing working relationship with JonesCam.

Darren Lilke
Director of Post Production
Clear Channel Entertainment – Motor Sports