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Sick of not recording your entire race or ride because of mud, dirt, snow or slush from others, no problems,JonesCAM’s patent pending model with tear away or auto rolling clean screen film solves that problem. Are you a high speed end users needing a safe, aerodynamic model besides high speed recording capabilities,JonesCAM’s new Aero HD Advantage model is the product for you. JonesCAM’s soon to be released5 mega pixel HD recorders are only ½” thick; offer both 1080p @30fps and 720p @60fps recording capabilities and record for up to 4+ hours in HD for less than $250. Our new patents pending remote head model will change how, when and where helmet, cap and on board cams are used forever. Our 3ounce aerodynamically remote head model, tucks in behind or on the sides of a helmet where it capture everything @ 60fps via its remote, micro sized 5 mega camera head. Wear them on top of your helmet, on your visor OR under it and get this, later that day; use it on your baseball cap while you fish. Try that with any other HD device, you can’t.

Over the past 9 months JonesCAM, the oldest POV focused helmet camera company in the world has quietly been developing and field testing what action and extreme sports users are calling the smallest, most versatile helmet, cap and on board HD recorders made. The $179.00 JonesCAM “ION” HD Advantage Helmet and on board camera successfully hit the snow, ice, pavement, dirt, clouds and even went under the ocean to capture awesome HD audio/video clips. Attached to the helmets, goggles and frames of the fastest racers, cars, bikes, sleds and more across the country, it immediately began “Capturing the Experiences”and attention of top professionals and amateurs seeking a small, affordable HD recorder. JonesCAM’s testing grounds and testers are the best at what they do and their respected feedback has helped create JonesCAM’s soon to be released series of next generation, cutting edge, patents pending HD products called the JonesCAM “ION” HD Advantage Plus. Go to then and Be sure to visit a few of our pro staff end users site like, and The Dirt Track Channel named JonesCAM their official on board camera system Watch The Dirt Track Channel’s YouTube clips here

Based on the successful development and testing of the JonesCAM “ION” HD Advantage by AMA SportBike and Flat Track racers like PJ Jacobsen, big block modified drivers Ronnie Johnson, Richie Tobias and Chad Brachman along with World of Outlaw sprint car driver Lucas Wolfe, several new HD helmet,cap, on board products will soon attack the markets, tracks, trails and woods worldwide. With features,versatility, practicality and prices no other manufacture can offer, the demands of amateur and pro’s around the world will finally be met. In the world of action, extreme, and recreational sports you’ll “Capture the Experiences” in ways only our 17 years of POV experience and product development, inspired by the needs of world class professionals can deliver.

JonesCAM’s newest device weighing in at just over 3 ounces, you won’t even know its there….. That is what versatility is all about. They’re also water, shock and foolproof. Push one button and start recording in HD. Wear it riding, fishing, and hunting, hiking, kayaking or racing, rain or shine. That is the JonesCAM HD Advantage, it’s a tool, use it as such. Connect it to your laptop via its USB PC Web cam port and accurately sight it in, pivot its head up/down/right/left to exactly the right position, then lock it and forget it….. From that same USB port you’ll automatically view, transfer, delete/add files and quicklyre-charge the devices. Optional removable battery models will also be available. Recharge all models in the car, field or at home with the supplied re-charger that is part of the devices extensive mounting and accessories package. Want to see the best video quality possible, go ahead via the HDMI port. Soon you’ll be getting “Your Jones On” like never before in 2D and 3D.

3D videos are the future according to many end users and manufactures and JonesCAM has a solution for that too. 3D isn’t anything new to our company, seeing we began developing 3D products in mid 90’s. Well before all other POV companies even existed. The simplicity of our new device is once again the answer to many end users needs and it too is so small, you can wear it on or under a helmets visor, point it as a camcorder or mount it anywhere your wildest dream can send you to.

There is a lot of press about helmet cams for football. That’s old news for us. Five years ago JonesCAM introduced its helmet cameras to football but that was then, this is now. The current and future JonesCAM products show once again what practicality and versatility means. Not only can the players wear our tiny HD cams, so can the coaches.. On the helmet on the line or in the backfield on a coach’s cap, the results are the same, awesome results as a teaching and critiquing tool. If you play hockey, lacrosse or ride a mountain/road bike, we have a model for you too that fits between the helmet shell and the helmets inner liner. This model is perfect for extreme and contact sports and all models offer a removable mode indicator LED light that will tell the user the mode the device is in. Catch this; some models will have an optional micro-sized wireless transmitting system so even your crew, family and supporters can see live what you see.

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