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Glen Falls, NY (March 3, 2018) – JonesCAM HD Helmet Cams is proud to announce its sponsorship of PJ Jacobsen for the 2011 motorcycle racing season. PJ began using the JonesCAM about two years ago. Our sponsorship agreement came about after JonesCAM’s continued successful use by Jacobsen during the New York State Ice Championships in Lake George, NY, on February 12-13.

JonesCAM’s new HD Helmet, On Board Cams, and HD videos have captured the attention of world class athletes and teams because of the unique features, size and HDvideo quality offered by them.

From INDYCAR and stock cars to speed skating, bobsleds, snowmobiles, AMA MX,Flat Trackers, a World Champion off-shore racing team, and now this prestigious high speed Superbike and Sportbike rider, everyone is “capturing The Experience”.

JonesCAM’s new “ION” HD Advantage can go where other camera can and places they can’t. The JonesCAM HD Advantage can go on helmets on the track, or on a baseball caps visor in the pits. It’s the world’s smallest, high quality 720p camera/recorder.

Weighing only 3 ounces, and just bigger than a tube of lipstick, this versatile 720p /30fps HD recorder with storage of up to 32 GB, is also water, shock and foolproof. The JonesCAM “ION” HD Advantage makes good on its name, and more, starting with video quality, versatility and practicality.

Over the past 17 years, JonesCAM’s customers have included NASA, Boeing, Rockwell Collins, Speed, Toyota and the FLW. The producers of Monster Truck TV shows have used the JonesCAM for their on board needs, and most recently the INDYCAR team,Entergy during its Baltimore announcement of its continued sponsorship of the 2010rookie of the year, Simona De Silvestro. Description: pj99-JonesCAM-Lake George as well as some of the teams and competitors have used the JonesCAM. Movie and TV producers for flicks like “I Am Legend” with Will Smith, the Discovery Channel, WoO,Versus and most major TV networks around the world have benefited from JonesCAM’s superior picture quality and usability.

JonesCAM is also no stranger to the world of AMA motorcycle racing. We have been there for over 12 years supporting a diverse number of riders in many different competitive situations. Our recent partnership with PJ Jacobsen is exciting because he is aforce to be reckoned with in the world of AMA SportBike; just a JonesCAM is a force in the world of mini HD cameras and action videography.

“The JonesCAM is something I will bring to the Celtic Racing Team and Fast by FerracciDucati”, says Jacobsen. “I have used the JonesCAM for three years and the development is something we have worked on together. Viewing what I rode can give you a betterjudgment of track conditions and different riding lines. It is a great tool for us to use when training and testing.”

Be ready to check out the captured footage of PJ Jacobsen with the JonesCAM mounted forward and backwards in Lake George at the New York State Championship Ice Racing Event.

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