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JonesCAM is proud to announce its new “ION HD Advantage” recorder and New Years Blitz. The name HD Advantage speaks for itself. Bottom line, it can go and do so much more than other recorder/helmet cams of similar quality, in the HD field. Even JonesCAM’s goals from its conception have truly been exceeded. Goal #1 was, deliver a tiny, inexpensive, one piece device that produces 2 plus hours of Awesome HD Videos and Audio. You’ve seen videos, read about, maybe even own or want a HD helmet camera, now ask yourself this. What HD recorder, note we said recorder, can be used on a helmet, goggle, cap, visor cam, and be mounted for onboard video recording? Does yours? The JonesCAM HD Advantages can, it’s a water, shock and foolproof, multi-applications HD recorder that truly can do so much more than all the rest. It’s the smallest, toughest and most versatile HD recorder delivering HD videos without the frills you don’t need. Push one button and go do it in HD on your cap, under a helmet visor, fixed on a cars dash, attached to a mount or under its hood, you’ll be amazed.

Our micro sized (3’ x 1.25 “) device produces crisp, H.264, 1280 x 780 videos @ 30fps. The ION HD Advantage delivers that and more even though it weighs only 3 ounces and no extra parts or expense is needed to make it durable and waterproof to 20 feet below the surface. No bulk, protrusions, or feature’s you’ll most likely never use or partial views of what you really did, no matter how wide the lens is.…. Face it, the best place for a helmet cam is centered on your head and be as low as possible. The HD Advantage is available in two lens choices with numerous mounting accessories, at a special introductory blitz price of $179.00. The wide angle 135 degree lens is available for $199.00. During this blitz, a 4GB class 6 micro-SDHC is included.

The HD Advantage is perfect for almost any sport, job or recreation you participate in and it’s always ready to “Capture the Experience” with one push of the button. Wear it skydiving, biking, surfing or skiing/riding, or for sleds, there’s almost no limit or uses. If extreme sports are what you do, go low up top, or under your visor. Now there is no excuse to not record in HD your helmet to seat tricks, blast thru the trees or nail a bunch of off the wall tricks in the pipe. Motor sports teams are about to get the answer to their needs too. parent company of The Dirt Track Channel and Open Wheel Today said, “JonesCAM is the perfect addition to our broadcast line up,” “Michael and I share the same passion for our companies and the products that we have offer. Our fans will enjoy stunning HD videos on our sites for many years to come thanks to Michael’s vision.” Check out The Dirt Track Channel site and their HD videos.

Use it as a handheld camcorder for birthday parties or your kid’s soccer, football games or wrestling match. Ok so you’re the coach, you know it’s not practical to use a camcorder so wear a HD Advantage on your cap. Expand your coaching tools without adding extra work or staff. The HD Advantage delivers fantastic videos and even still pictures when used with the free editing software.

JonesCAM is the oldest POV company in the world, so when JonesCAM co-developed the Advantage HD, it did so with experience and to meet the challenges and needs of demanding end users. The HD Advantage is part of a new mixture of HD recorders in JonesCAM’s “ION HD” recorder series which officially launches 1-11-2011. We know video quality, size, weight, ease of use, and being practical to use are all of up most importance along with price. When you can own a product that meets all of these requirements for under $200, you can’t go wrong.

The ION HD Advantage has a one button record feature, requires no special software so your laptop/PC automatically sees it when connected via the included USB cable and it’s still only $179.00 complete. Transfer files, play them and charging can all done via the USB cable. Our accomplishing our goal of delivering a “One Piece: One Purpose device” that is user friendly and capable of “Capturing Your Experiences” will open up a new world of opportunities for all of us.

For outdoor activities like hunting and fishing, you most likely wear a baseball cap, visor or cold weather hat. That means owning many other HD recorders forces you to miss out on capturing your experiences because they’re not suited for or practical. Not if you owned a JonesCAM HD Advantage. There’s no reason to feel self conscious and out of place because of its size, just the opposite, you’ll be proud to wear it and you’ll be glad to hear from others which they did. Remember, it’s so small you can wear it under your helmets visor where it’s mostly protected from the roost from other. With a capacity of up to 32 GB, when attached to an external power supply, you can record over 8 hours. Supplied with a handful of useful accessories including numerous for mounting, it’s ready to go to work or play for you, right out of the box. The Advantage is a tool, not a toy, so use it as such. If you do it, take it. Water, snow, mud, trees and brush aren’t a problem; it’s a waterproof, four season tool that’s tiny and lightweight. So if you want the most practical, high quality and least expensive recorder made, the JonesCAM ION HD Advantage is for you. How do you like us now… Check out our HD clips on our You Tube channel at Jonescamvideos1

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