Welcome to JonesCAM

JonesCAM has for over fifteen years been known for delivering patented, cutting edge micro-video and helmet cam products worldwide.

After 8 months of co- development and in-the-field testing by world class athletes, coaches, consumers and resellers, JonesCAM is now ready to take on more challenges in the POV helmet/cap cam market.

You won’t go anywhere without it, especially at an introductory price of only $189.


In the mid 90′s, JonesCAM.tv’s parent company Niche Concepts, LLC. started as a conceptual products and services development company intending to design, test, produce, and sell patent pending products and services. Its founder Michael Jones having developed and patented products and services currently used by Fortune 100 companies for promotional, sports, and manufacturing around the world, once again recognized new “Niche markets” waiting to be exploited. The company’s first product began as a common sense way of acquiring hands-free video footage for the sports, coaching and leisure markets leading to the development of the “JonesCAM” Helmet Cam. Once those products and its related patent were applied for, work began on what has been called the best vehicle to market its end users products and services. In December of 2000 Niche Concepts, LLC. was granted its second patent, “Pictorial Tours” created as the vehicle for a marketing and distribution network of in house produced virtual tours and viewer supplied videos and images.

Now that both of these patents have been approved (Hands-Free | Pictorial Tour) the company intends to leverage them and revolutionize promotional methods and content acquisition for conventional and Internet market. Products that are hardware, software, and Internet services are currently being developed and tested that will capitalize on these patents to be used at amusement parks, recreational and extreme sports, security, surveillance and the leisure industries.